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6 Feb 2016

Rose Day SMS in Hindi, Romantic Rose Day Messages, Rose Day Date, Valentine Week Messages

rose day shayari in hindi

Happy rose day everyone! Hope you enjoy this rose day a lot with your soon to be valentine. Spread the love. Share these hindi shayaris for all the Hindi Speaking lovers.

2 Feb 2016

Kiss Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings- 13 February

Kiss day is celebrated on 13th February and is the 6th day of the Valentine week. It is the day to express your love in a romantic and passionate way.

1 Feb 2016

Hug Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings - 12 February

Hug day is on 12th February. Celebrate it  by giving warm hugs to your lovers and friends and show them that you care about them and how much you love them!


IPL 2016 Schedule
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Promise Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings/ Quotes ~ 11 February

Promise day is a part of the Valentine Week where everyone showcases their love for each other in various forms. The easiest form to do this by messages, sms and facebook statuses. So, here are some lovely, romantic and the last one is a funny message for your Valentine or even your friends.


Teddy Day - Happy Teddy Day Wishes/ Greetings ~ 10 February

Teddy day is celebrated on 11th February each year and it is the part of the Valentine's Week. So, here are some very romantic, sweet and lovely SMS, text messages, wishes and greetings for your loved ones. Send them and cherish the love. Also, share it on Facebook and Whatsapp.

30 Jan 2016

Propose Day SMS - Happy Propose Day | 8 February | Texts for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Propose day sms

Here are some propose day sms/ text messages/ facebook statuses and whatsapp messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Cherish love by showing that you really love them. This one day, text them and make them fall in love all over again!

28 Jan 2016

Chocolate Day SMS/ Text Messages/ Greetings/ Facebook Statuses | 9 February

I have created a list of some lovely and sweet quotes, wishes and greetings for you!
Here are some awesome Chocolate Day Quotes/ Greetings/ Wishes for you to share with friends, family and lovers.

26 Jan 2016

Rose Day Texts/ SMS | 7 February

Happy Rose Day SMS/ Texts 2016, Rose Day Messages, Rose Day Greetings, Rose Day Quotes, Rose Day Wishes, Rose Day 2016, Rose Day Sayings, Happy Rose Day

As we all know, February 7 2016 is rose day. So, we compiled a list of some quotes and sayings to send to your loved ones on ROSE day.