18 Apr 2016

Earth Day Activities, Earth Day Projects, Earth Day and Earth Day Celebration Ideas

earth day activities

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Earth Day Activities for Kids

Making a play garden for kids to play, plant and learn

This is pretty much letting the kids to play, plant and learn by giving them a path of area in the garden. Give them some kids friendly gardening equipment, saplings etc and plant little flowers and plants. Teach them how to do stuff and then they can learn about gardening while playing.

Stone painting activity

You can ask the kids to collect stones of different shapes, sizes and colours and then ask them to paint them however they wish to. They can draw stuff on it, make patterns or simply paint them. Then, you can decorate those stones in the garden around pots.

Water Painting activity for toddlers

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Corn Husk Dolls 

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Earth Day Crafts

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Sensory Play Ideas

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Earth Day Snack Cups

This is personally my favorite activity, read more here

Reusing plastic for Fun Crafts

Here are 15 craft ideas for reusing plastic, read more here

Paper Plate Garden Craft

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Hope you liked all these amazing ideas and the sites mentioned have described these crafts and activities in such a beautiful way! If you try these fun Earth Day activities with your kids, make sure to comment down or if you have more fun earth day activities or earth day craft ideas, comment below and let everyone know about them.

Happy Earth Day 2016!

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