30 Jan 2016

Propose Day SMS - Happy Propose Day | 8 February | Texts for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Propose day sms

Here are some propose day sms/ text messages/ facebook statuses and whatsapp messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Cherish love by showing that you really love them. This one day, text them and make them fall in love all over again!

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What Special to do on this day?

It is propose day, so it is the best chance for you to propose to your friend you like. Or maybe, you can propose to your crush, in a non- creepy, romantic and sweet way with these messages. And, after they say "yes" do let me know by commenting down in the comments sections. \


Propose day SMS 2016 

On this Propose day
I am opening
An emotional bank account
That is only for you sweetheart
So, deposit all your love in it
And you will get all the interest
Would you be my Valentine?


Excuse me, do you have a band-aid?
Because I scrapped my knee
When I fell in love with you
Will you be mine?
Happy Propose Day


Do you know that they changed the alphabet!
They put "U" and "I" together
Happy propose day


Girl, are you better have a driving licence
Cause you're driving me crazy
And I like that
Be my Valentine...
Happy propose day


Boy, I am not a photographer
But, I can picture both of us together
Will you be my valentine?
happy propose day


Is your name homework?
Cause I'm not doing you,
when I should be doing you!
happy propose day


I have spent many sleepless nights
In your love and
I don't want my son to do that
For your daughter
So let's make them brother and sister
Happy propose day love


I wish I was one of your tears
So I could live in your eyes
Run down your cheeks
And die on your lips!
Happy propose day


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