21 Jan 2016

Our Long Love- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

Our Long Love

Valentines Day Poems

We have been through to such an extent,

What's more, time just appears to fly.

Yet I can joyfully still grin,

What's more, say that you are mine.

In the time that we had met,

I had a broken heart.

I was a single parent of one,

That had been pushed and pulled separated.

I never however in my most extravagant fantasies,

That I could love once more.

You grinned at me only one time,

At that point my heart began to repair.

You took away every one of my reasons for alarm,

You tossed them to the past.

You gave me trust and motivation,

You demonstrated to me adoration could last.

The way you adore my child and I,

Just makes me need to cry.

I adore the way you sing to me,

What's more, that radiance in your eyes.

You are the one and only I need,

So hold me as the night progressed.

I do trust that some time or another soon.

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