21 Jan 2016

I am Here with You- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

I am here with You

Valentines Day Poems

I know you're going insane,

I've been there as well.

I can perceive how the weight is making your knees twist,

Give me a chance to take some of it from you.

Try not to keep yourself deterred,

I am here for you to open up and let go.

There is so much you can't overlook or excuse,

Give me a chance to offer you some assistance with coping, we can work things out together.

I hear the torment in your voice,

You require me now.

Try not to stress, I'll move paradise and hellfire to arrive.

You can't talk, you won't discuss it,

I get it.

Put your stresses in my grasp.

Lay your head down,

What's more, trust that I will do anything to stop your tears.

You're prepared to surrender, you've ceased,

I need to have the capacity to give you the quality to continue onward.

Join arms with me, Let's turn on,

As one living, breathing, adoring, being.

Realize that you can place confidence in me.

I will be your stone, I will be your home,

I am here with you, for you generally.

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