23 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas Quotes, Wishes, Sayings, Songs, Christmas Cards, Wallpapers & Free Images 2016 // Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone. If you are haven't bought gifts and cards for your friends and family and it is already Christmas Eve, don't worry. We have got your back. Just self-make a Christmas Card for them using these wishes or print one. Otherwise just text them these lovely Christmas Wishes or play these amazing Christmas Songs to make them super happy and joyous. Although the month and date of Jesus' birth are unknown, by the early-to-mid 4th century the Western Christian Church had placed Christmas on December 25, a date which was later adopted in the East. 

14 Jun 2016

Whatsapp Status in Punjabi | Status for Whatsapp in Punjabi

punjabi whatsapp status

Whatsapp status in punjabi are cool statuses because punjabis are cool people. Punjabiyaan da vakhra swag ni! Also, most commonly used by Indians or lets say people residing in punjab, these statuses are super easy to understand if you understand hindi. So, enjoy these punjabi whatsapp statuses and also add on of them to your whatsapp.

Funny Whatsapp Status for People Who Love to Laugh

funny whatsapp status

Here at Celebrations in 2016 we have a huge list of funny whatsapp statuses so that your friends think you're cool and like you more than they do. Also, a nice status to make people laugh out loud. It will make everyone think that you're a funny person. If you're a boy, there'll be a line of girls behind you because girls like funny guys so here's your chance, pick up any of your favourite funny whatsapp status that you find funny and leave the status do the magic.

Whatsapp Status Funny

  • You correct my english, I correct your face.
  • Mah life mah rulez, mah feet mah shooz. Lol
  • Cool are the kids who are the children of my parents, my parents never seem to be grateful about it.
  • Sarcasm is the ability to insult idiots without them realising it.
  • No, my room isn't messy, it's just that everything is on display.
  • At daytime, I don't believe in ghosts but by the night I become a bit open-minded.
  • Dear karma, I think you're missing out on people.
  • Marriage is like a workshop, where the husband works and the wife shops.
  • People say you can't live without love, I think oxygen is more important.
  • Why is monday so far from friday and friday so close to monday?
  • How do I like my eggs? umm in a cake.
  • Interrupt my sleep and I'll interrupt your breathing.
  • Bad english- my only turn off!
  • H.O.M.E.W.O.R.K- Half of my energy wasted on random knowledge.
  • I don't have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.
  • I just can't get you out of my mind.
  • Girl is your daddy a baker, cause you got some nice buns.
  • We all would've been screwed, had their been no Google and Wikipedia.
  • I salute the generation who survived school without Wikipedia and Google.
  • I am not lazy, I'm just on energy saving mode.
  • What is your name? NO
  • Single? No. Taken? No. I am in love with pizza.
  • I do not get drunk, I get awesome.
  • Chocolates immediately melt on my fingers, does that mean I am so hot?
  • A boss is like a diaper, always on your ass and full of shit.
  • I'm not hungry but am bored, hence, I shall eat.
  • There is always a person you hate for no reason.
  • With great power, comes electricity bills. 
  • I love pizza, it doesn't answer back.
  • If I had a dollar for everytime someone called me ugly, I'd be broke cause Imma damn hot.
  • If women could read minds, every second a man would get slapped or punched or both.
  • I am a female. fe=Iron; male=Man. I am Iron man.
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.
  • I don't like morning people and mornings and people.
  • I love that kid who argues with the teacher and entertains the whole class.
  • Be yourself cause everyone else is an asshole.
  • Mom says no DP warna rishta aa jayega.
  • If people talk behind your back, then just ignore them and fart on their face.

Best Whatsapp Status - 2016 New Attitude Whatsapp Status

best whatsapp status

Hello everyone! Today, I have a great list of whatsapp status which are fully filled with attitude and are just awesome! Lots and lots of people use whatsapp- an instant messenger today because of it's unique features and wide availability. Choose any of the statuses you like the most and use it as your whatsapp status. We have lots of other whatsapp statuses too for different occasions so you can check them out also. I hope you enjoy all these whatsapp statuses.

Best Whatsapp Statuses Ever

  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Great things come to those who don't wait.
  • Why you gotta be so rude?
  • Give God your weakness and he'll give you his strength.
  • Go big! Home is boring!
  • Work hard and be proud of what you achieve.
  • Is it too late now to say sorry?
  • Life is too short, so heels shouldn't be.
  • Work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.
  • Wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction.
  • Do hell with circumstances, I create my own opportunities.
  • You can't sit with us.
  • Classy & sassy and a bit smart assy.
  • Everyday is payday, I swipe my card as I do the nae-nae.
  • Aww, I hate you too, bitch.
  • I'm a crazy mofo.
  • Creativity is a drug and I cannot live without it.
  • Girls just wanna have FUNDS.
  • Keep calm and stay sassy.
  • Chin up, boobs out, walk proud. Life's too short for negatives, so make it positive.
  • Proud single but ready to mingle.
  • I have a unique style, don't copy it.
  • I know you're stalking me.
  • I am not in love with you, I just don't know how to live without you.
  • Your attitude might hurt me, but mine could kill you.
  • My attitude is based on how you treat me.
  • Change "I can't" into "I can" and pretty soon you will say "I did".
  • It's funny how when I am loud, people tell me to be quiet, but when I'm quiet, people ask me what's wrong.
  • I don't need your attitude, I've got one of my own.
  • Take me as I am or watch me as I go.
  • I love my haters, they keep me motivated.
  • Only surround yourself with people who would lift you higher.
  • Never explain yourself. Your friends don't need it and your friends won't believe it.
  • If you're bad then I'm your dad.
  • The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude.
  • I know I am awesome so I don't care about your opinion.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world.
  • I won't cry over you, my mascara is too expensive.
  • Age wrinkles the body; Quitting wrinkles the soul.
  • I'm crazy, young, weird, stupid, but I am just ME.
  • Life is- 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it.
  • Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.
  • A positive attitude will get you anywhere you wish to.
  • Give me the chocolate and nobody gets hurt.
  • Keep rolling your eyes, maybe you find your brain back there.
  • Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man and work like a BO$$

Love Status for Whatsapp | Romantic Status for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is an instant messenger available on every kind of smartphone and is used by almost every other person these days and people keep looking for whatsapp statuses so.....
Here is a wide range of whatsapp status for love. These romantic whatsapp statuses can be used for pointing out to anyone you love or adore. These are absolutely romantic whatsapp status which are hard to find most of the time, but here, I present a perfect list which would help you expressing your lovey side to the world on whatsapp.

Whatsapp Status Love

  • Love is a feeling, you're my emotion.
  • I love the way you make me feel, I love it...I love it!
  • When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew.
  • All I want is a piece of your heart.
  • I want your heart because you stole mine.
  • I said my heart beats for you.
  • The best kind of kiss is when you have to stop because you can't help but smile.
  • Love is a strong word so if you don't mean it then don't say it.
  • My heart is and always will be, yours.
  • I won't give up on you, so don't give up on me.
  • I just need that on person who will stand by me no matter what.
  • We do not remember days, we remember moments.
  • Only you can put a smile on my face when I'm sad.
  • I said I love you forever and that's forever.
  • I'm just lonely when you're not around.
  • It's amazing how you can fall in love with a person you didn't even notice the first time you met them.
  • Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.
  • No matter how I feel, it's always true that the one thing that can make me smile is you.
  • You are mine and I don't share.
  • Everyone wants happiness, no one wants pain, but you can't make a rainbow without a little rain.
  • Nothing is more important than you in my life u are my love. I love you.
  • I want to be old with you..will you allow the same..
  • Pain makes you stronger. Fear makes you braver. Heartbreak makes you wiser.
  • Love is when you continuously go to whatsapp to see his/ her last seen.
  • Follow your heart but don't be stupid.
  • One of the simplest ways to stay happy is letting go of the things that makes you sad.
  • My heart melts everytime I think about you.
  • I love that feeling I get when I see your smile.
  • My heart is perfect because you are inside it.
  • We go together like copy and paste.
  • I'm a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind.
  • There's this boy and he kinda has my heart.
  • You're the CSS to my HTML.
  • Love is when you look into someones eyes and see everything you need.
  • Am I crazy or falling in love?
  • In a sea of people my eyes will always search for you.
  • I'm in love with you..and all your little things.
  • You're the type of boy I'd make a sandwich for.
  • Meeting you was a fate becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control.
  • Do you know what would look good on you? Me!
  • I'm never gonna stop falling in love with you.
  • With you I am home.
love status for whatsapp

  • You can't start a new chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.
  • Hatred is never ended by hatred but by love.
  • It's hard to let you go.
  • It's you, it's always been you.
  • Even if I spent the whole day with you I will miss you the second you leave.
  • To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
  • Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.
  • Love is friendship set to music.
  • Love is about trust.
  • You = Awesome; Me = Lucky
  • For all the things my hands have held by far is you.
  • You are my world.
  • Love was just a word before you showed it to me.
  • I just want to thank you for being my reason to look forward to the next day.
  • You have no idea how fast my heart beats when I see you.
  • All of me loves you.
  • A moment in my arms, forever in my heart.
  • Love is when you look into someone's eyes and see everything you need.
  • To me, you are perfect.
  • If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes, only  then you would realise how special you are to me.
  • I fell for you unexpectedly, but now my plan is to be with you forever.
  • Forever is a long time. But, I wouldn't mind spending it by your side.
  • I love you more than anything I've ever known.
  • Yeah I'm selfish because I will never share you with anyone else.
  • Whenever you're having a bad day, just remember that I love.

13 Jun 2016

Best & Coolest Whatsapp Status| 2016 Whatsapp Statuses

best whatsapp status

As searched and requested a lot, we provide you a whole lot of whatsapp statuses for all kind of emotions. Here are some awesome whatsapp statuses for any mood you may be in, love, fear, anger, exam time, sassy, cool, funny, sexy etc., we have every status you might need. Bookmark this page for later use or save it. Also, if you like, share it on your social media accounts. I wanted to inform you that this page is updated often times in a day so keep checking it for the best whatsapp statuses on the internet. Whatsapp is now an everyday messenger for almost everyone across the globe, so her e is a compilation for the best whatsapp statuses you'll ever get to read in 2016. Without further delay, let's dive into these statuses.

Love Statuses for Whatsapp

love whatsapp status

  • Love is like a virus, it can happen to anybody, at anytime.
  • You are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me. I love you.
  • I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over. Without pause. Without doubt.  In a heartbeat. I'll keep choosing you.
  • Have I mentioned today how lucky I am to be in love with you?
  • I'm much more me when I am with you.
  • Distance isn't an issue because in the end, I have you.
  • Missing you is my hobby, caring for you is my job, making you happy is my duty and loving you is my life.
  • You are the first and last thing on my mind each and every day.
  • I want to be your favourite hello and your hardest goodbye.
  • You stole my heart, but I'll let you keep it.
  • I love that feeling I get when I see your smile.
  • You only learn to love again when you fall in love again.
  • Sweet dreams, sleep tight, I love you, goodnight.
  • If I could anything in the world, I would want to be a teardrop because I would be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks and die on your lips.
  • We fall in love by chance but we stay in love by choice.
  • I still remember the days I prayed for the things I have now.
  • All of me loves all of you.
  • When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love.
  • You have no idea how fast my heart races when I see you.
  • The good things in life are better with you.
  • If I did anything right in my life it was when I gave my heart to you.
  • I keep myself busy with things to do, but everytime I pause, I still think of you.
  • Every day I spend with you becomes the new best day.
  • Yes, I'm selfish because I will never share you with anyone else.
  • Loving you was one of the best decisions of my life.
  • My favourite place in all the world is next to you.

Cool & Sassy Whatsapp Statuses

  • I'm jealous of my parents, I'll never have a kid as cool as theirs.
  • I can. I will. End of the story.
  • I love listening to LIES when I know the TRUTH.
  • Sleeping is my drug, my bed is the dealer, and my alarm clock is the police.
  • The only time you run out of CHANCES is when you stop taking them.
  • Don't like me? Chill brah, I don't wake up everyday to impress you!
  • I don't care if you're joking, if I am in a bad mood, then you're pissing me off!
  • If plan "A" didn't work, the alphabet has 25 more letters. Chill out.
  • Who cares, who's watching!
  • Happiness is a journey, not a destinations.
  • Do your thing and don't care if they like it or not.
  • Self confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it.
  • You haven't seen my bad side yet.
  • You were cute until I ran my fingers through your hair and your wig fell off.
  • You hate me? Well, okay, grab a chair and wait for me to care.
  • Yes, I am smiling but you're not the reason anymore.
  • Sarcasm- the ability to insult idiots without them realising it.
  • I may not be perfect but I'm always me.
  • You can have RESULTS or EXCUSES, not both!
  • In order to bring me down, you have to be able to reach me.
  • The game is not over because I have not won yet.
  • I'm sorry. My fault, I forgot you were an idiot.
  • I'm only responsible for  what I SAY and not for what you UNDERSTAND.
  • Rules are meant to be broken.
  • I'm multi talented, I can talk and piss you off at the same time.
  • I am the dream, you're the dreamer.
  • Follow your heart, but take your brain with it.
  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.
  • My attitude is based on how you treat me.
  • I know, I am always SPECIAL.

Funny Whatsapp Statuses

  • Marriage is like a workshop. Husband works and the wife shops.
  • Trying to succeed? Try deleting your whatsapp account first.
  • I love my job when I am on a vacation.
  • Save water, drink vodka.
  • It's fun being me.
  • We are the WTF generation- W for Whatsapp, T for Twitter and F for Facebook.
  • Forget my status, look at my DP.
  • I was born intelligent but education ruined me.
  • I am who I am. I'm weird, I run into things, I spill food, I trip, I laugh at random and stupid stuff. But, I like myself this way.
  • Hey you! With all that energy at 6 am..you're weird.
  • Of course I talk to myself, even I need expert advice.
  • I'm a brilliant brunette with a lot of blonde moments.
  • If you say you're cooler than me...does that make me hotter than you?
  • I'm not lazy, I'm just on energy saving mode.
  • I really hate it when you have to be nice to someone you really want to throw a brick at.
  • MATH: Mental Abuse To Humans
  • God made everyone different, he got tired by the time he got to China.
  • Common sense is like a deodorant, the people who need it the most, never use it.
  • I won't be impressed at technology until I can download food.
  • Chocolate doesn't ask silly questions, that's why I like chocolate more than people.
  • At night, I can't sleep. In the morning, I can't wake up.
  • Please cancel my subscription to your issues.
  • You never realise how boring your life is until someone asks what you do for fun.
  • Sweat is fat crying.

Motivational/ Inspirational Whatsapp Statuses

inspiration and motivational whatsapp status

  • Stop dreaming, start doing.
  • Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.
  • Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done.
  • When you feel like quitting think about why you started.
  • Work until your idols become your rivals.
  • Fall up seven times, stand up eight.
  • Don't count the days make the days count.
  • It's okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes you have to break before you shine.
  • Don't waste your time with explanations, people only hear what they want to hear.
  • Everyday is a second chance.
  • Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.
  • Today is your day. To start fresh; eat right; train hard; live healthy and be proud.
  • Fall down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die.
  • In the end we only regret the chance we didn't take.
  • Small daily improvements are the key to staggering long-term RESULTS.
  • A year from now you will wish you had started.
  • Look in the mirror, that's your competition.
  • Remind yourself that it's okay not to be perfect.
  • HOPE: Hold On, Pain Ends.
  • Always be Positive.
  • I've never met a strong person with an easy past.
  • Enjoy your own life without comparing it with that of another.
  • You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
  • If your ship doesn't come in, swim out of it.
  • Quit talking, begin doing.
  • If you do it right, it will last forever.
I am very happy that you read these till the end, means that you're really into getting some funky status for your whatsapp, well, nothing bad in that! I am hoping that you've found the perfect status for you! Share this with your friends and family too!

Independence Day Wishes for 15th August in English

Indian Independence Day is celebrated each year on 15th August. It is a national holiday in India. The holiday is observed throughout the country, its is celebrated with flag hosting ceremonies, parades and cultural events.

Here are some wishes for 15th August- Independence Day!

Independence Day Wishes

This is the day when the great mean our country lost their lives for us, the people of India. Let's pledge to never let them down. Happy Independence Day. 

On this day of Independence, I want to express my love for the nation and my fellow countrymen. A very happy independence day to all!

Independence is not only about celebration and holiday, it is about realising the sacrifices of our dear freedom fighters and salute them. Happy Independence Day.

Sending you warm greetings and wishing you a very happy independence day. 

May the Indian tricolor always fly high..Warm wishes on the great ocassion of independence day!

Let's honour the patriotism of the people who lost their lives to free ours. I wish you a very warm independence day.

Freedom in the Minds...
Faith in the words...
Pride in our souls...
Lets salute those great men,
who  made this possible.
Celebrating the 70th independence day!

Let's feel proud to be a part of such a glorious nation and hoist the tricolor high. Sending you warm wishes on Independence Day!

May the Indian tricolor always fly high, the countrymen be free from any rule and their shall be peace. Vande Maatram!

Feel proud to be an Indian. Happy Independence Day.

Thousands laid down their lives just so that the countrymen, that is we can breathe to this day. A major salute to them. Jai Hind. 

This nation will remain the land of free only as long as it is the home of free. Happy Independence Day.

From one Desi to another, Happy Independence Day!

India proudly soars high today...
Free and independent...
May the joys of freedom embrace you always.
Happy Independence to you.
Jai Hind.

Our country is our pride and joy, let us always cherish the pride. Happy Independence Day.

India was a golden bird, they ripped it off. India is diverse, they divided to rule. Seeing this, the counrtymen, united to be free. They lose lives, but got us our freedom. And, that's children how India got independence.

I am an Indian and I am proud to be, I will serve the nation for many more years to come. I love the nation as it my pride. Happy 70th Independence Day!

Thank you for reading and choosing our blog to read these Independence Day Wishes. Hope you've an amazing independence day with family friends.


12 Jun 2016

Independence Day- 4th of July Quotes

4th of july quotes

Happy 4th of July to everyone reading this. Hope you've an enjoyable and fun time together. Also, make sure you put in your part to make the US great again.

5 May 2016

Mothers Day Quotes, Messages and Sayings | Happy Mothers Day 2016

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20 Apr 2016

Slogans for Earth Day

Earth Day Slogans!
What on Earth are going to do this Earth Day? 22nd April every year is celebrated as Earth day all across the globe. So, here are some slogans for you to spread awareness for saving mother Earth and also for the sake of Earth Day. Here are some Earth Day Slogans!

18 Apr 2016

Earth Day Activities, Earth Day Projects, Earth Day and Earth Day Celebration Ideas

earth day activities

We have a list of earth day activities, earth day projects, earth day celebration ideas, earth day for kids, earth day activities for kids, earth day activities for students, earth day ideas, earth day games, earth day activities for preschoolers, earth day activities for kindergarten, activities for earth day, earth day celebration.

Earth Day Quotes, Earth Day Sayings and Quotes on Earth Day - Happy Earth Day

Here are some Earth Day Quotes. First of all Happy Earth day to all of you! I have a list of quotes on earth day.

earth day quotes

When is Earth Day? History of Earth Day, Why is Earth Day Celebrated? 22nd Apri

Here is some earth day information. Some information on earth day, about earth day, earth day celebration, information on earth day, information about earth, article on earth day, celebrate earth day, why we celebrate earth day, why was earth day started etc. Read more to find on when is earth day and the history of earth day and why it is celebrated?

when is earth day

11 Apr 2016

50 Earth Day Slogans and Sayings- 22nd April

Earth Day Slogans!
What on Earth are going to do this Earth Day? 22nd April every year is celebrated as Earth day all across the globe. So, here are some slogans for you to spread awareness for saving mother Earth and also for the sake of Earth Day. Here are some Earth Day Slogans!

29 Mar 2016

April Fool's Day Pranks Videos

April Fools' Day (sometimes called All Fools' Day) is celebrated every year on 1 April by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes. The jokes and their victims are called April fools. People playing April Fool jokes expose their prank by shouting April Fool. Some newspapers, magazines, and other published media report fake stories, which are usually explained the next day or below the news section in small letters. Although popular since the 19th century, the day is not a public holiday in any country.

New Zealand vs England World Cup T20 2016 Live Streaming - Scores and Live Match

This is going to be a really exciting match between two strong teams and the live streaming will be available on this site at 7:00pm that is, when the match starts. The blacks caps are gonna beat England or vice versa. Stay tuned to know what would happen!

Teams Participating in Copa America Centenario 2016

So, here is a list of the teams participating in Copa America Centenario 2016.
At the official announcement of the tournament, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF confirmed that all ten CONMEBOL members will be joined by six CONCACAF teams in the tournament. United States and Mexico will automatically qualify. The other four spots will be given to Costa Rica, the champions of the Central American Football Union by virtue of winning the 2014 Copa Centroamericana, Jamaica, the champions of the Caribbean Football Union by virtue of winning the 2014 Caribbean Cup, and Haiti and Panama, the two play-off winners among the four highest finishers in the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup not already qualified. So, here is a list of the teams participating in Copa America Centenario 2016.

28 Mar 2016

Copa America Centenario - copa america 2016

The Copa América Centenario, referred to in English as the 2016 Centennial Copa America,is a scheduled international men's association football tournament due to be held in the United States in 2016. The competition is a celebration of the centenary of CONMEBOL and the Copa América, and is to be the first Copa América hosted outside of South America.

Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2016 Live Streaming


World T20 Second group stage
Today, 7:30 PM

Feroz Shah Kotla
Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup 2016 Live Streaming. South Africa vs Sri Lanka Live Streaming. Live Streaming Sri Lanka vs South Africa T20 World Cup.

South Africa vs Sri Lanka T20 World Cup 28th March 2016 Live Streaming

ICC World Twenty 20 match South Africa vs Sri Lanka 2016 is on 28th March 2016 live streaming at 7.30pm IST.  Live streaming match. Sri Lanka vs South Africa 28th March 2016, 7:30pm.

13 Feb 2016

Valentines Day Dress Code, Color Code for Valentines Day- 14th February

Show your love for your valentine with lots of love, smiles, gifts and not to forget a color code. Yes, valentines day color code is very important. People actually judge you by the color of dress you are wearing. So, here is the color code for valentines day!

6 Feb 2016

Rose Day SMS in Hindi, Romantic Rose Day Messages, Rose Day Date, Valentine Week Messages

rose day shayari in hindi

Happy rose day everyone! Hope you enjoy this rose day a lot with your soon to be valentine. Spread the love. Share these hindi shayaris for all the Hindi Speaking lovers.

2 Feb 2016

Kiss Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings- 13 February

Kiss day is celebrated on 13th February and is the 6th day of the Valentine week. It is the day to express your love in a romantic and passionate way.

1 Feb 2016

Absolutely FREE Gift for Valentine's and Hug DAY

Yes! I'm going to tell you an absolutely FREE Gift idea to give to your lovers/ girlfriend/wife / boyfriend/ husband, friends, family whoever you love and care about.

IPL 2016 Schedule

Hug Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings - 12 February

Hug day is on 12th February. Celebrate it  by giving warm hugs to your lovers and friends and show them that you care about them and how much you love them!


IPL 2016 Schedule
See this- Holi wishes and messages

Promise Day- SMS/ Text Messages/ Wishes/ Greetings/ Quotes ~ 11 February

Promise day is a part of the Valentine Week where everyone showcases their love for each other in various forms. The easiest form to do this by messages, sms and facebook statuses. So, here are some lovely, romantic and the last one is a funny message for your Valentine or even your friends.


Teddy Day - Happy Teddy Day Wishes/ Greetings ~ 10 February

Teddy day is celebrated on 11th February each year and it is the part of the Valentine's Week. So, here are some very romantic, sweet and lovely SMS, text messages, wishes and greetings for your loved ones. Send them and cherish the love. Also, share it on Facebook and Whatsapp.

30 Jan 2016

Propose Day SMS - Happy Propose Day | 8 February | Texts for Girlfriend/ Boyfriend

Propose day sms

Here are some propose day sms/ text messages/ facebook statuses and whatsapp messages for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Cherish love by showing that you really love them. This one day, text them and make them fall in love all over again!

28 Jan 2016

Chocolate Day SMS/ Text Messages/ Greetings/ Facebook Statuses | 9 February

I have created a list of some lovely and sweet quotes, wishes and greetings for you!
Here are some awesome Chocolate Day Quotes/ Greetings/ Wishes for you to share with friends, family and lovers.

26 Jan 2016

Rose Day Texts/ SMS | 7 February

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As we all know, February 7 2016 is rose day. So, we compiled a list of some quotes and sayings to send to your loved ones on ROSE day.

Valentines Week List 2016 | Valentines Week Schedule

Valentines Week List for 2016, Date Sheet, Schedule for Valentines Day, Happy Valentines Week List, Rose Day, Propose Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Full List for Valentines Week

Valentines Day Week List

23 Jan 2016

Valentines Day Text Messages for Husband/ Boyfriend | Romantic SMS for Him

Some lovely, romantic and sweet text messages/ sms for your man. Make your husband/ boyfriend feel very special and loved by sending one of these text messages to him. Cherish your relationship.

History of Valentines Day | Saint Valentine

Saint Valentines

Saint Valentine, officially Saint Valentine of Rome, is a broadly perceived third-century Roman holy person remembered on February 14 and related subsequent to the High Middle Ages with a custom of elegant adoration.

Valentines Day Text Messages for Wife/ Girlfriend | Romantic SMS for Her

Happy Valentine's Day 2016! Pick up any one the text message/ sms from the long list of texts below and express you affection towards your sweetheart.

Valentines Day Text Messages | Romantic SMS

We have a collection of text messages/ sms filled with love and romance for you to send your valentine. It is the most easy and expressive way to show your love and sentiments for your valentine. I hope your love enriches with these texts.

22 Jan 2016

Best Cheap Valentines Day Gifts for Her

If you are the amongst the guys who absolutely loves her girl but wants to buy her something too! But, you realise that you can't spend that much, you can't buy her Gucci, Prada and Dior. But, boy we got a list of stuff that she would definitely adore, which will suit your budget too ;)

Valentines Day Gifts For Her

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

If you're wondering what to gift your girl this Valentines Day, then do not worry because we've got your back. We've listed the best valentines day gift ideas for your girlfriends. This would make them happy to be with you. And, it is always great to make someone feel special, especially if it is Valentine's Day.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

21 Jan 2016

I am Here with You- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

I am here with You

Valentines Day Poems

Love Unlove- Valentines Day Romanitc Poems

Love Unlove

Valentines Day Poems

Romantic Valentines Day Love Poems | For Free

Here are some love/ romantic poems for valentines day. So, you can surprise them with these special poems and show you deep love for them. You can write these in a card/ ecard or even text them.

Valentines Day Poems

Our Long Love- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

Our Long Love

Valentines Day Poems

Lovers Apart- Valentines Day Romantic Poems

Lovers Apart

Valentines Day Poems

The Night Falling- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

    The Night is Falling

    Valentines Day Poems

    My Impeccable Rose- Valentines Day ROMANTIC Poems

    My Impeccable Rose

    Valentines Day Poems

    My Valentines Day Song Poem - ROMANTIC POEMS

    My Valentines Day Song

    Valentines Day Poems

    55 Valentines Day Quotes for your Valentine

    Here are some quotes you can text/ whatsapp/ facebook/ say face to face to your Valentine on Valentines Day. This is the day to celebrate love so I present 25 Valentines Day Quotes for your Valentine.
    Valentines day quotes

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